Let’s Drive Away Hunger!



(Center: Bill of Capitol Store Fixtures)

Team Sutter Sacramento has come through! We have just delivered 644 lbs. of food to the Dixon Office. I have to thank our Friends and Partners at Capitol Store Fixtures for a very generous donation of 500 cans.

I think a certain Celebrity may be making the drive to Sac Town for lunch sometime in the near future.

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Best regards,

Brad Moddelmog
Sr. Project Manager



Window Displays


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If you are lucky enough to have great front windows, you have a fantastic marketing tool. Don’t waste it. It is important to do window displays that draw attention to your store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either.

• Strategically hanging colorful paper cutouts can add interest to a window.

• Catch the light and the customer’s eye with reflective materials.

• Be sure the window has a clear message or theme. Too many ideas in a window will just confuse the potential customer and they will just keep moving.

• Entice the customer with a sneak peek or tease. Not the full show.

• The use of unusual items that may not be expected is a great trick as well. An example of this might be using old bicycle parts in an active wear window. Simple but the message is clear.

One of my newest customers, BELLISIMA BRIDAL BOUTIQUE in Woodland, CA brilliantly used black mannequins to showcase her white bridal gowns in the front window. Crowds regularly gather at the window to investigate the lace details of each dress.

If you want to check out Bellisima’s window display they are hosting two events. The Grand Opening March 3rd 12-3pm; and the Bridal Open House Saturday, March 9th 11-4pm. It is bridal season but even if you are not a bride you should check out this fantastic new store. Located at 517 Main St, Woodland, CA 95695, (530) 661-8084.

New Year Merchandising

Now that the Christmas rush is over your inventory is probably looking pretty sparse and a little bit shabby. This is a perfect time to re-merchandise.

There are always a few items that you thought would sell but they didn’t find there way out the door yet. Those items that you bought too many of and you are still sitting on lots of stock , and of course frankly there might even be a few items that look like they may never sell. Never fear- This is when merchandising will really shine to show you its true value.

Take all of those items just mentioned and pull them to the very front of your store. Treat them like they just arrived and give them the love you would any new item just received. No need to put them on sale. The front of your store needs to look fresh and full and like you just received new stock. Make it interesting and enticing so when the weary shopper looks into your door they will feel a sense of new merchandise that is easy to shop. Not the picked over leftovers in every other store nearby.

Next take everything else and move it behind this front area. Don’t make the mistake of spreading it out trying to cover the empty space. Embrace your space. Take down extra shelves and racks and put them in the back room.
Tell whatever story you can with the merchandise left. When I say story I mean related items. An example would be putting all the left over bath and beauty products on a few shelves. Remember it is best to merchandise vertically instead of horizontally. Then leave some space and tell the next story. Maybe all the kitchen items you have left. Try to have some sort of flow from one story to the next if at all possible. That can be tough this time of year, but you get the idea. Rearrange your floor racks and get a little space around those as well. After all the close isles and tight racks of the Christmas season it is nice to be able to move around in a store. Make the empty space look intentional. You don’t want to look like you’re going out of business.

Take a little time to do this and you will be amazed at how fast that item you thought was a mistake is flying out the door. You will have exchanges instead of returns. Your store will shine above the others because it looks exciting instead of picked over. You might even have a few extra dollars to come buy some risers from Capitol for all the new merchandise on the way.
Whatever you do-have fun with it. There is no right or wrong in merchandising. If you’re not having fun and want some help, call me. I love to re-arrange a space. I’ll come and do it for you or do a little training session for a nominal fee.